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 What's Your Travel Personality Style? The Joys of Experiencing Various Types of Travel Travel is a pleasure and luxury we all love to take advantage of. The joys, experiences, and memories gained through travel are abundant. Yet, the way you travel can totally change your experience. As travelers, no trip is the same, as we could all visit the same destination, yet depending on your travel personality style, our perspective and interpretations of that destination could be completely opposite. There are numerous traveler types, and each has its own partiality and motives for traveling. And with this diversity, you may encounter a traveler who is motivated by thrill, self-improvement even escapism. Nevertheless, regardless of the type of traveler, traveling is a form of rejuvenation, self-discovery, culinary pursuit, and often times cultural awakening. From the traveler who enjoys being in large groups to the adventure-seeking enthusiast, solo explorer, and every style in betwe

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